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Reverse Auction

Let's buyers post service requests and providers place their bid proposals in a reverse auction bidding environment with complete buying and selling control.
Forward Auction

Let's sellers list their products (or lots) up for sale in a forward auction bidding environment where members actively bid until listing is expired.
Lowest Unique Bid Auction

Site owners post their own auction listings where members compete by entering their lowest bid amounts in hopes to be the winner with the lowest unique bid not placed by any other bidder!

Total Member Control

Informative Dashboard
Instant notification of all new marketplace messages and auction activity Including invited bids and detailed accounting history.

Messages Activity
Notifies your customers of any new private messages waiting in the inbox.

Accounting Activity
Displays the last transaction activity and any unpaid invoices.

Escrow Activity
Displays any Escrow activity actions to be performed.

Bid Invitation Activity
Displays new invitaton listings to recent auction events.

Bids Activity
Informs customers of any news bids placed on an auction event.

Auction Control
Manageable buying and selling activity including full control over marketplace Preferences, Profiles, Escrow status and recently viewed resources.

Realtime Interface
Buyers can post auction events in Realtime hours, mins or seconds. Provide your customes with a complete competitive bidding environment.

Buying Overview
Manage and operate all service auction phases, listings and transaction status using a detailed management interface and review bids placed live via real-time graphing interface.

Service Auctions
Post new service auction events quickly and easily to include detailed project requirements and unique bidding permissions with privacy options.

Profile Management
Members can easily create or update buying profiles including detailed descriptions and logos.
Selling Features

Selling Overview
Manage and operate all Service and Product auction phases, listings and transaction status using a detailed management interface and review bids placed live via real-time graphing interface.

Product Auctions
Post new product auction events quickly and easily including reserve price flexibility and buy now options with detailed item and shipping description.

Selling Management
Allow your members to easily create or update selling profiles to include detailed profile descriptions and logos.

Subscription Management
Members can fully manage marketplace subscription plan criteria and status including a live countdown to each subscription renewal date.

Attachment Manager
Manage attachments to be verified by an administrator or moderator to prevent unwanted material posted in the marketplace.

Escrow Manager
Manage and control Product Auction Escrow status using an automated system to forward funds into a secure Escrow account for the auction winner.
Accounting Features

Accounting Overview
Members keep updated with account messages or specific alerts including account summary that specifies banking and credit card registrations, unpaid invoices and latest transactions.

Transaction Overview
View all marketplace transactions and obtain complete history in a spreadsheet format.

Scheduled Transactions
Review and manage all pending and scheduled transaction activity.

Deposit Funds Menu
Easily deposit funds into a secure online buying account by selecting a preferred deposit method and funds are automatically updated for preview.

Withdraw Funds Menu
Simply withdraw funds from a secure online account by selecting a preferred withdraw method and withdrawn funds are automatically updated for preview.
Preferences Features

Preference Manager
Change or modify user profile and preferences such as Interface, Language and Currency settings.

Personal Profile
Modify and maintain personal profile information to keep as recent as possible.

Marketplace Newsletters
Members can chose to be notified daily via email of the marketplace newsletter in specific chosen categories.

Time Zones
Global time zone consideration allows members to choose specific time zones that relate to their profile settings.

Distance Calculation
Display the distance between member profiles and the search result listings if available.

Email Notifications
Enable or disable email notifications from marketplace that actively sends email based on a wide variety of events that may occur such as project notices, bidding notices and other forms of communication while not interfering with invoice notifications that will send automatically.

Watchlist Management
Members can add or remove potential buyers, sellers and auction events in their Watchlist to keep track of auction activities and member feedback ratings.

Message Manager
Advanced message board management to keep track of all marketplace messages and alerts through unique PMB folders.
Buying Management

Flexible RFP Options
Choose from various project budget types from large project to or non-profit.

Create a customized detailed service description using a unique BB Code WYSIWYG editor.

Auction Manager
A central organized management system for all service auction buying activity, bidding and transactions.

Draft Auctions
Create and manage service auctions listings in draft/review mode that have not been publically posted to the marketplace for open bids.

Delisted Auctions
Manage auction listings that have been removed/delisted from the public marketplace.

Pending Auctions
Manage Project listings waiting to be reviewed by a moderator.

Archived Auctions
Keep completed auctions/RFPs listings archived for purchasing history and review.

Award, Unaward & Decline
Buyers have control to award, unaward or decline bids placed on their auction event.

Transfer Ownership
Easily transfer service auction proposals to other buyers in the marketplace.

Media Distribution
A convenient tool for Buyers and Vendors to upload and accept relevant and required auction/RFP content through Shared and Private folders.

Feedback Ratings
Members in the marketplace can use the feedback and ratings system to evaluate and leave feedback of the overall experience they had with other members.

Auction Access
Buyers can select the type of event for the auction event to determine whether the auction will be publicly displayed for bidding or by invitation only.

Auction Durations
Buyers can choose to set the auction event time duration in Days, Hours or Minutes.

Bidding Privacy
Buyers can choose to enable bidding privacy by choosing the type of bidding privacy for the auction such as Blind bidding or Sealed bidding.

Filtering Permissions
Select specific limitations and bid permissions for the auction event such as who will bid on the project and from what specific location.

Invite To Bid
Buyers can invite providers to bid on their auction events through various areas in the marketplace.
Total Admin Control

Connections Activity
Keep track of members, guests and staff online activity. Know who is online and where at all times.

Security Options
Configure detailed registration and login security settings including the ability to encrypt the entire templates via javascript.

Filtering Configuration
Filter options for a multitude of sections such as PMB and RFP configuration.

Global Settings
Configureable options to activate product or Service support.
Marketplace CP

Service Rating Logic
Fully configure a unique rating formula logic for markletplace feedback results.

Listings Upsell
Enable or disable various upsell listing features such as Buy Now and Reserve Pricing options.

Invoice Settings
Configure and update invoice generation settings such as min/max transaction amounts.

Attachment Settings
Configure and manage all attachment settings, moderation and limits.

Referral System
Enable or disable referral activity and create custom referral payout amounts.

Registration Settings
Modify registration settings and manage account upsell bonus features.

Portfolio Settings
Configure display options, upsell and listing fee enhancements.

Auction Moderation
Enable moderation settings for all auction activity.

Admin Creation
Create root admin / moderator accounts and configure access rights.

Payment Modules
Configure payment modules and processing settings.

Email Templates
Create unlimited email templates with import and export options available.

Maintenance Mode
Manage marketplace maintenance mode configuration settings enabling or disabling the entire marketplace at any time.

Subscription Plans
Complete control to easily create custom plans and permissions and unique groups and commission structures.

Member Management
Easily create and manage member listings using the extensive search engine and import/export feature.
Accounting CP

Invoice Management
Extensive search and management tools allow you to fully monitor various invoice types and paid/unpaid status.

Escrow Management
Advanced updated system allows you to manage and monitor all product and service escrow status and history.

Withdrawal Manager
Manage and monitor all marketplace withdrawl requests from one location.

Credit Card Manager
Manage and monitor all marketplace credit card verifications and expiration status.

Bank Account Manager
Review and maintain all registered bank accounts, curent status and detailed criteria for wire transfers.

Custom Reports
Advanced report listings management tool allows you to search and create custom account reports in various download methods.

Currency / Tax Management
Internationally flexible curency system allows the ability to create custom exchange rates, taxes and manage default settings.
Distribution CP

Moderate and manage all service and product auction activity using an extensive search engine.

Attachment Moderation
Manage and moderate all marketplace attachments including statistics and storage type configuration.

Bid Manager
Review, search and manage all marketplace bidding activity.

Search and manage all pending and verified member verification requests.

Referral Manager
Manage all marketplace referral entries and payouts.

Bulk Email Manager
Advanced email system allows you to compose and send a specified number of emails to specific subscription plan members.

Category Configuration
Easily create new and update existing categories and subcategories as well as sort the order of appearance in the marketplace.
Language CP

Administer Languages
Unique and user freindly Multi Language Phrase engine allows you to easily create new languages to cater to your member base.

Phrase Groups
Easily create new language phrase groups to organize and manage all new language phrases.

Create Custom Phrases
Expand and cater to any market by easily creating new languages and custom phrases.

Search and Replace
View all language phrases in a particular phrase group within the database, advanced search to locate and/or replace specific phrases. Import or export language phrases in xml format.
Templates CP

Template Manager
Using an advanced template tool, create new style names and select base styles to create your new template styles from.

Common Templates
Edit all common templates that control the skinning for static and dynamic templates within a selected style group.

Static Templates
Edit all static templates that do not require any code-processing.

Dynamic Templates
Modify dynamic templates contain 's and other {variables} parsed by the template engine.

CSS Templates
Fully control the fonts, colors, sizes and other visual elements within a selected style group.

Template Variables
Control HTML elements such as DOCTYPE, character set, meta tags, etc. within a selected style group.

Import / Export
Browse and import/export external template styles via XML format.

Install Manager
Install and manage new  addon packages using the addon installation manager.

Un-Install Manager
Easily un-install  addons previously installed using the addon un-install manager.

Flexible Developer API
Easily develop addons and plugins through the new API system written in native PHP.

Total Customization
Quickly compose new templates and add them to the system using 1 API template function!

Secure Architecture
Develop exclusive modules using a solid framework application layer.

Template Conditions
Template conditions provide designers with advanced functionality to create simple logic within any template!

Template Loops
Template loops used for retreiving any information from your database by displaying results (row after row) anywhere -- in any template!

SSL Compatible
Compatible with any SSL certificate for total customer safety and security.

Cookie Encryption
All cookies created are encrypted using built-in 3-layer encryption technology.

HTML & URL Obfuscation
Enable or disable the ability to encrypt the entire output of the HTML templates and URLs (links) to your customers for maximum security and hacker prevention!

Moderation Controls
Enable or disable the ability to moderate all data on the marketplace such as attachments, images, logos, auctions, members and so on.

Quick Tab Browsing
Save time and mouse clicks using the innovative tab-administrative browser system.

Instant configuration updates saving you time and money reducing bandwidth consumption.

UNIX / Linux / BSD Supported
This version is fully compatible with UNIX (and compatible) with Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Windows Fully Supported
This version is fully compatible with Windows Servers running Apache, PHP and MySQL.

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